Dentos India is company started by a few professionals with a focus to launch tried and tested quality products that are popular world over to serve the population in general and the orthodontist and dentists in particular. Thus the focus was served by launching the following products from renowned Companies from far corners of the world.

First to take off the board was Abso Anchor Micro implants manufactured by Dentos Inc./, Korea to meet the challenges of Orthodontic Anchorage needs.

Then came the versatile Ortho Arch Co. of USA with it's own innovative products to make the orthodontist's tasks easier.

Last by no means the least to arrive was Waterpik of Teledyne Corps. Of USA, the range Gingival Irrigation Systems to safe guard the Oral Health of general population and significantly increase the longevity of teeth, under greater care. Needless to mention that Waterpik Irrigation Systems are of greatest value to those Oral health Care professionals like Periodontist, Orthodontists, Prosthodontists, Implantalogists etc.

Dentos India is striving it's best to carve out a niche in General Oral Care……..