• Electronic Typodont + auxiliaries
Electronic Typodont  + auxiliaries

Electronic Typodont + auxiliaries


To better understand the biomechanics of orthodontic tooth movement,beginners are typically trained with wire bending exercises using the waxtypodont system to visualize quick tooth movement. However, conventionalwax typodont systems do not reflect realistic tooth movement whencompared to a real patient. This is so because the heat softens the wax firstbefore the teeth can move in the softened wax.The Electronic Typodont system generates heat only to the roots oftypodont teeth first by electric current via connected wires thus melting thewax just around the roots. More precise tooth movement can thus besimulated when compared to conventional wax typodont systems. This resultcan be attained as the root is first heated by electric current via connectedwires thereby melting the hard sticky wax just around the metal root.

Available on special request and preorder.

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Delivery time : 4 - 6 week after placing order


Electric adapter with cable

AC 90V~240V, 1200mA, 15W


Articulator : Upper and lower Typodont bodies can be moved in any direction

Body : Each Upper and Lower Typodont body has 3 “on-off” switches to supply current to the posterior and 6 anterior


Teeth : Upper & Lower 1st premolars are not connected to the current.

Wax : General base plate wax.


Drill : dia 1.2mm (use lower than 500 rpm on the plastic)

Screw : 12ea (dia 1.3mm, length 6mm )

Screw driver : 1ea

Mini Plate : 6ea