• Testimonials
I, Dr. Jaineel Parekh, orthodontist practicing in Mumbai since 7 years, have been using Dentos products for almost a decade and will recommend them to all for my fellow colleagues as they have an international level of build quality and always are the first one to bring the most cutting edge and unique products to the market, I hereby wish them the best for all their future endeavours.
Dr. Jaineel Parekh
Dentos India is a premier Orthodontic product provider in India. Over the years, this company has built a stellar reputation as one of the leading suppliers to Orthodontists across India due to its promptness of service and availability of excellent orthodontic products. There personnel have built a one-on-one relationship with Orthodontists across India and that is why this company has grown exponentially. My best wishes to the company and their service providers. At the helm is Mr. Tony, who has led from the front and he has with him the likes of Mr. Kulkarni and others who are excellent human beings with caring attitude.
Dr. Shailesh Deshmukh
GoTo is one of the most user friendly composite I have come across. Perfect consistency, brackets do not float, ease of removal of flash and excellent bond strength are it’s salient features. I truly recommend it’s use in everyday practice.
Dr. Ketan Vakil
Very satisfied with the Services offered by Dentos. Their sense of urgency in finding solutions was very noticeable. The one person who needs appreciation is Dr. Aman Kapoor.
Dr. Anil Malik
I have been using Dentos mini implants since 3 years. Really happy with the product and the services provided by Dentos India.
Dr. Roshan Bachu