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Dentos India Pvt Ltd is a leading orthodontic materials company of India. Established in 2004, Dentos India has served the Clinical Orthodontic Community with products from the best of the International Manufacturers who have partnered with it .

Dentos India sells the worlds number One Orthodontic Micro-implants, which pioneered the concepts of Micro-implant anchorage. We also sell the orthodontic adhesive solutions and niche orthodontic products from world leaders in the industry. Dentos is instrumental in spreading the knowledge of Micro-implants to the clinicians in India and has brought and hosted many World conferences to Indian orthodontic community.

In addition to Orthodontics, Dentos also has a line of pioneering products to serve the other Dental specialties in improving the clinical outcomes. This line of products makes maintaining and improving oral hygiene a breeze.

Dentos has aggressive plans for growth and penetration of Orthodontic Industry and world of Dental hygiene India and is aiming to be a key partner and solution provider to all Orthodontists.

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