• Heat Induction Typodont system
Heat Induction Typodont system

Heat Induction Typodont system

To overcome the disadvantages of conventional wax typodont system,Heat Induction Typodont System (HITS) is developed. HITS consists of aninduction heater and plastic wax typodont with metal teeth. Inductionheater could generate heat in the metal teeth of wax typodont alonewithout electric wires. The wax around metal roots can be melted and themetal teeth can be moved in proportion to the force which was locallyapplied. Thus, more precise tooth movement can be simulated whencompared to any other conventional or electronic typodont system inwhich electric wires are connected to the roots of typodont teeth.

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Electric cable

Free voltage( 100-220V), Free Hertz( 50-60 Hz)

Induction heater

Power switch

Start switch

Temperature sensor

Voltage indicator

Temperature indicator & control switch

Typodont lodge with separating plate


Plastic articulator


Metal teeth